Stanbrooke Today
May my epitaph read:  "He loved kids"
All may try God’s mind to know -
His goal for every life.
All may feel they see God’s hand
Join every man and wife.
Perhaps it’s true God dips His hand
In every marriage vow -
 God’s touch shines on every pair
Who at the altar bow.


Who can know God’s mind or soul
Or what His goal may be?
And who can say with certain mind,
His perfect will they see? 
But there are times when couples join -
Their lives becoming one -
And, by their joining, touch this world
As few have ever done.
For they will trod their paths in ways
Most will never do.
And in their wake will leave lives changed -
Souls born fresh and new.
Ed and Fern, you are those two -
Who share a servant’s heart,
Whose life and love have touched each life
Of those you had a part.
And thousands from throughout the years
Will one day join as one.
To lift their voice in praise and thanks
For what you two have done.
Surely God took special pains
To join you two as one,
And surely He had special plans
For all He needed done.  
Some will look from far away
And note you played and taught,
And think that’s what your calling was:
Perhaps, an obvious thought.
But your job was so much more than that,
As you showed every day -
In every breath and every word -
God’s love in every way.
The lives you touched stretch on and on
In one unbroken line,
Marching toward the heavenly kingdom -
Unharmed by death or time.
For now we hope in some small way,
With those who’ve gone above,
To raise our voices to proclaim
Our everlasting love.
‘Tis sad to know a few weak words
Are all we have to say.
But Ed and Fern know you are loved
Every single day. 


Words fail to ever be enough,
But they will have to do,
As tonight we say with thousands more…
Ed and Fern, “We love you.”
And join with all who crossed your path
To say to you alone:
You are the finest Christian couple
We have ever known.
There’ll come a day for judgment there
When crowns are passed to all.
And all who know you know that yours
Will then outshine them all.