Stanbrooke Today
May my epitaph read:  "He loved kids"
 We’re gathered here two thousand twelve
To look back at our year
And once again relive the times
And bring the past back here.
We hope to laugh and share tonight
Memories held so fast
And just perhaps create some more
That in years to come will last.
The years go fast and memories fade
            So cling to this year tight.
Remember all that these times held
            As years fade out of sight.
Everything is said in love
            To hopefully bring a laugh
As we relive this year we’ve spent and, again,
travel down its path.
So, buckle up; enjoy the ride
All of you’all will star
As we look at times we’ve had this year
And how Dorky you all are.
Brannon Low
There are nightmares we all have
Filled with horror, pain and woe
But none can possibility equal the one
Of Brannon in a Speedo.
He donned his Speedo on senior trip
To give the hot tub a whirl
Fortunately he wore no top, or he might………
Have been mistaken for a girl.
But a bigger worry might be Brandon Miller
He did more than take a peek.
He stared and stared and when ask why
Said, “I was just admiring his physic “
But Low did accomplish one thing
Somewhere in a little town
The Speedo company considered Brannon’s looks
And said, “We’re closing down.”
With Brannon’s heritage his suit came from China
Finest silk adorned his side
While somewhere in that far away land…
A little silkworm committed suicide.
Brannon went to China town in New York
But a bad scene ensued as such
They kicked him out and yelled after him
“No china man talk that much!”
But he does hold one distinction here
And his reputation it does dim
He’s one of few to have a girl withdraw
Just to get away from him.
But one fact’s clear about this all
And it’s really pretty neat-o
There’s no doubt she’d have stayed for sure
If she’d seen him in his Speedo.

So, now he's here with Hannah
   Just an observance for a sample
If he kisses her flat footed tonight
   He'll plant one on her Adam's apple.
Brandon Miller
Last 3 years Miller got a date and
            Made banquet without a doubt
Now, he’s alone, Did the girls wise up
            Or is he finally coming out.
 If he does, Low will be waiting
            At least that’s our hunch
Miller held out for a long, long time
            But the Speedo may have been too much.
Some subjects make for precious memories
            Miller does have some
But, never use together the words “Ethan” and “dreams”
            When talking to our Brandon.
So, he’s here at banquet number four
            We’re a bit surprised and all the same
As mentioned, no date but we sure heard
            Ginger tied to this name.
Michelle Mann (Chastain)                                               
Michelle is here and quite unique
            Her reputation’s full
Could someone please explain to me
            How anyone fails ensemble.
We need to revise our IQ test
            Just because of Michelle’s way
How do you get lost coming to school
            Every single day?
But, maybe it’s not so hard to see
            If it confirms our fears
There may nothing to hinder free air flow
            Between those pretty ears.
But, she’s here with date in tow
            Hopefully more modest now than in the past
It’s OK to be a bit risqué
            But flashing Jessie in bible class?
Don’t know how good it was that day
            But I guess it was some site.
Was it good for Jesse?  Well you’ll note
            He didn’t ask her here tonight.
Scott Haley
Haley and Elise are now together
            But not for long it’s sure(shore)
Scott digitized her image and figures
He doesn’t need her anymore.
It sounds so sad but really isn’t
When Scott was finally done
It didn’t take him long to find
The image was way more fun.
Some thought he’d miss out on too much
Only knowing her like that
For instance “what about kissing?”, someone asked
He replied, “I’ve got an app for that!”
Actually he told her she was his
            She’d always be his honey
Or would at least would be as long as she
            Didn’t cost him any money.
She listened to what he said right well
            But never really dug it
Until Scott suggested as a first date meal
            They split a chicken nugget.
But lately he’s found another way
            That ends up much the same
When it gets close to time to eat
            He hands her a copy of “Hunger Games”.
Elise Roberts (must follow Scott)
But at least Elise got her first kiss
But extreme caution she had to heed
By the time it came, alas her lips
Were sadly atrophied.   (at-tro-feed)
Brazos Roberts(has to follow Elise)
That’s not Brazos’ problem for sure
Her lips bring many joys
She keeps them fresh and in good shape
Kissing little boys.
Melman (must follow Barzos)
But don’t mention that to Melman
Older girls/little boys as fact
You do and he’ll get quite upset and scream
“And just what is wrong with that?”
But Melman has turned 18
It’s been a little while
Best thing now is that Caroline  (Care – O – line)
Is no longer a pedophile.
But Melman has lofty goals in life
            And some concern his date
Seems his life goal has always been
            To end up cougar bait.

But I encourage him tonight
   At least find some real way
And don't mention in those earrings
   He really does look gay.
Ethan Esgro
Ethan asks the far out questions
Others won’t, he has no qualms
He’ll ask questions about anything
Even hairy palms.
Ethan has his dream girl picked
Her identity he’s not hiding
He told us all he’s sure right now
She’s in the Alps scuba diving.
But he made the mistake of mentioning this
To Low as he sat
Brannon jumped up quite excited and said
I’ve got a suit for that.
That may sound funny to you all
Depending on where you were
But, the sad thing about the Brannon’s little suit
Is  that it would probably fit her.
So, we’ll leave Ethan to his dream girl
            Hopefully he’s not dropped her.
But…..whatever you do, don’t ever ask him
            To be a helicopter.
Senior Class – general
We really don’t like you seniors that much
Maybe I shouldn’t tell
But we couldn’t send you all to the fiery pit
So we just sent you to Mrs. Kidwell.
Andrew Martin
Andrew can be a bit strange at times
But has a date tonight and all
Of course, there’s no girl alive
That he cares for like baseball.
But there is no truth to one rumor
So let’s now set this right
He doesn’t cuddle and kiss a baseball
And then sleep with it all night.
But with girls Andrew’s way ahead
In dating techniques too.
Getting to first base with a girl
Means something different with our Andrew.
But one thing means the same for him
On and off the field no doubt
With girls and baseball it means the same
When one is said to have struck out.
And, the rumor is, not sure if true
But it’s not one that’s soon gone.
It’s said our Andrew has struck out
A lot more off the field than on.
But it’s Mayfield with him again tonight
            She loves baseball too, no mocks
Disregard the fact that just yesterday she asked
            What’s a batter’s box?
Tonight she sits and stares at him
            Her thoughts if you care
Isn’t he the cutest thing
            Like a big cuddly teddy bear.
Andrew and Mayfield for another year
            One things true no doubt
Either they’re each other’s fall back plan
            Or a couple with which no one will go out
But you can look at Mayfield’s face                    
            And her thoughts you will see
They’re simple:  “Ok, it’s been two years
            Will this boy ever try to kiss me?”
I’m not greedy, I don’t ask for much
            Just a little fun
I don’t need a French kiss from him
            I’ll settle for just an American one.
And all I really ask is just
            A chance for a little joy
And tonight I’m going to get it
            So pucker up big boy!”
Alexa Hubenak ( must follow Andrew)
So, Andrew only speaks of baseball
If you listen to him by chance.
Fortunately Alexa isn’t like that at all
In talking about her dance.
We were going to ask her to dance tonight
An orientation test we seek
To answer our questions we would watch Miller
To see if he checked out her physique.
Alexa chased Pierce all year long
            Caught him – the  problem now by far
Is sort of like the problem a dog faces
            After chasing down a car.
You know, the chase was fun when the
            Pursuit was fresh for a  bit
But now that’s it’s over and you‘ve won
            What in the world  do you do with it?
Worse, she thought chasing Pierce was like chasing
            A Mazaretti sports car, that’s why all the fuss
But, once she caught him he turned out to be
            More like an ’89 Toyota Prius.
But it was worth it that’s for sure
            Though tough as chases go
She’s captured this year’s top boy prize
            Doubt it?  Ask Pierce, he will tell you so.
Aleyna Penny(Moore)
                        Been in 2 Wrecks
Aleyna’s here, was there a doubt?
            Well, yes there was for sure
She had a babysitting job tonight
            But……………… she just brought him with her.
Does it strike any else here tonight
            That Aleyna’s choice might be family trait
She’s just following Julia’s lead
            Who drug Simenoux around as her date.
But, it’s OK ,it’s rather cute
            For her to bring him as a date
Only problem is they’ll have to leave early
            His “beddy-bye” time is eight.
Aleyna has to drive him around
            But tonight that didn’t seem right
So Connor proved to be a take charge guy
            And added a second seat to his bike.
They may even plan to marry
            Maybe sometime soon
One way to save some money:  can one
            Person be both ringbearer and bridegroom?
Zach Lueck
Few here tonight have had the drama
Of Lueck’s love life this year.
Or have a girl have to move
To get away from him we fear.
Someone follow Zac around
            And keep track just right
Just mark down how many times
            He calls his date “Mallory” tonight.  
There are breakups and there are BREAK-UPS
            How can we explain this one best
Let’s just say when comparing this one
            The Kardasians split got less press.
Now, Randolph’s come a ‘courtin
            Zac’s little sister. Yeah, that’s right
Zac was not too thrilled to have had to pack
            A bag of her pull-ups for tonight
But, we can sympathize with Zac
            Understand?  You bet
How would you like to have your 9th grade sister
            At your last senior banquet?
One thing’s sure for Caleb now
            And he better get this right
The term “wet behind the ears” better be only figurative
            When he gets her home tonight.
 Football Team
The football team finally won some games
Made the playoffs you will find.
But, alas, couldn’t beat the deaf
So next year we’ll try the blind.
Part of the problem we are sure
            This is what you get
You’ve got to have a quarterback old enough
            He doesn’t cry everytime he’s hit.
And it’s even worse when between each play
            You know how it goes
His Cheerleader babysitter runs on the field
            To wipe the snot from his nose.
Course he didn’t help when early on
            You know what he did?
He filed bullying charges against the other team
            For harassing a little kid.
But he was brave as brave could be
            Got over having snuggies
And lasted until the final game
            Before he soiled his Huggies.
Devin Wilson
Devin’s obsessed with working out
            Those muscles sure aren’t phony
And, you think he’s tough until you learn
            His favorite show is “the little pony.”
Then there’s the t-shirt he bought at “Wicked”
            Purple sparkles adorned its face.
Maybe he better decide just what direction
            He’s running in this race.
But, truth be told, it probably means nothing:
            We’ve noted, so on we’ll go
And realize it was probably just a result
            Of seeing Brannon in his speedo.
Dezj Vaile                                                                                                                            x
Dezi dreams of Flashes hero
            Even calls herself Mrs. West too
Just slap a superhero costume on any 9th grader
            And they’ll make all her dreams come true.
Nicole Sharp ( Alchaz)
Chris asked Nicole here tonight
            This arrangement we can’t miss
She had to promise she’d play a video game
            Rather than get a good night kiss.
She didn’t know what that was, so
            Without being mean
Asked him to kiss what most turned him on
            Now, there’s lip prints on his I-pad screen.
Nicole just may take the prize
            For spastic actions here we put
How many people can say with Nicole
            They ran over their sister’s foot.
There are scenes in life that touch the heart
            But, some are sure the best
For instance, on senior trip Zac sleeping with his head
            Resting on Paschall’s chest
Paschal wouldn’t have been so upset
            And could have taken all the rest
But by clinging nightly to Kevin’s body
            Zac knocked  Kevin’s cuddle bear off his chest.
One wonders what dreams Melman had
            While snuggling Kevin dear
We can only hope they weren’t the same
            As Ethan had up there.
One night with Melman on his chest
            Helped Kevin make a call
He decided considering his options
            Jasmine wasn’t so bad after all.
Paschal/Jasmine (must follow Kevin/Melman)
So, Kevin and Jasmine are back together
            Clear as black and white
Now we’ll take bets on if it’ll last
            Any past tonight.
Kevin, best be careful what you do
            Tonight out on the town
Remember her mother has a horse
            And she will run you down.
And Jasmine, considering Kevin’s New York nights
            Extreme caution might be best
Remember trauma can last, so don’t put your head
            Anywhere near Kevin’s chest.
Matt Bickers (must follow Pschal/Jasmine)_
The only couple on Senior trip
            Who cuddled more as a  pair
Than Zac and Kevin did each night
            Was  Ereka and Bickers  there.
Course they used to be a serious thing
            Till Bickers left the USA
Then broke up with her on Facebook
            Such a cool move, what can we say?
Pierce Stringer
Pierce is here – our modest one
            May we his praises sing
‘cause, mercy knows, you’ll never get him to brag
            About how good he is at anything.
Guess he’s just shy, doesn’t want to brag
            So, we’ll leave it at that and finish
By the way, he’d never mention it ,but did you know
            One time he beat Scott Benesh?
Watching Pierce play football brought
            A question from all who cared
Could Pierce really, really run that fast
            Or was he really, really scared?
We do have a challenge for Alexa and him
            If they’d care to take a chance
See if you can last the evening
            Without mentioning running fast or dance.
For tonight please keep Dario and Pierce apart -
            Apart really far
Else they’ll take up the evening telling
            Each other how great they are.
Caitlin Oringderff
Along with these two we might include
            Caitlin in the pack
She’s spent a year claiming valedictorian
            And patting herself on the back.
We don’t mean to downplay this at all
            But this means little any more
Being valedictorian of this group
            Is like being one of Jersey Shore.
Jacob Erwin/Joy Low
Joy has Poohbear in tow tonight
            Used to be Brandon Miller
And Nolley, Paschal and even D.J
            You can decide who was piglet and who was Tigger
Juniors, one word of caution for Senior Trip
            Only if you care.
There are sections of New York where
            It’d be best not to call Erwin, “Poohbear”
Because, believe me, when I tell you this
            In addition to New York hoods           
There are lots of “bare hunters” you wouldn’t want to meet
            In those 100 acre woods.
Joy has one distinctive here tonight
            Just in case you missed
She may be the only girls here with us
            That Brannon hasn’t kissed……………………………we hope!
Jesse Schroer
Schroer’s here with little Kaitlyn
            Under his watchful eye
Cause considering recent history, at any moment
            She may sneak off with another guy.
Jesse follows a rich tradition
            With girls he has it learned
Someone had to step up and fill
            The shoes of Ben Materne.
He doesn’t have to sweat it long
            When he wants someone to date
He just buys some Skittles and a coloring book
            And waits at the playground gate.
Krista Schwindt (Chad Nolley)
Krista’s here with Chad tonight
            Left Duncan and Dario in the trash
Just couldn’t resist muddin, guns, redneck slang
            And Beechnut on the dash.
But, she could have even resisted these
            And not questioned if he suits
But found something she couldn’t resist:
            The smell of manure on his boots.
Hannah Olson
There are girls who long to find a boy
            They search high and low
Unfortunately, Hannah went this route
            And settled way too Low.
I mean how desperate can one be
            To snag a date tonight
To not just bolt and run away
            When Low comes into sight.
But maybe the answer’s not that hard
            As we try to make it seem
Could be characteristic number one considering
            Her love for dumb animals reigns supreme.
Olson’s due for prison sure
After marriage she’ll yell and rant
And hack her husband into pieces
For stepping on a fire ant.
She doesn’t seem so excited here tonight
            But please forgive her frowns
You see, when it comes to boyfriends, she’d much prefer
            Her sister’s hand-me-downs.
And who but Hannah could cruise along
            Watching a wreck, it’s said
And total her car running over
            The poor fellow stopped ahead.
But, she definitely is easily distracted
            Last week her parents, it’s said
Noting she had trouble sleeping
            Took her mobile from her bed.
Jacob McClure
Jacob has a special nickname
            He’ll tell if one begs.
He can also tell you how it feels
            To have lockers up your legs.
He’s a loyal Temple fan
            At least as much as legal
That is the reason, is it not
            He’s called the TCS bald eagle?
Last year he used Facebook to ask
            Elise so we must ask why
She was still waiting on her first kiss
            When Haley became her guy.
She’d have kissed McClure last year
            Out of sight of all the gawkers
Except he insisted they have their kiss
            Standing on top of Temple lockers.
That seemed strange to our Elise
            But Jacob thought they should
He figured if the kiss was nothing
            He’d have another chance to feel real good.
Jennipher Campbell
Find the loudest table here tonight
            Go on take the dare
We’ll bet at least a hundred dollars
            Jennipher’s sitting there.
But she’s stole Ethan’s heart for sure
            In a special way it seems
But since it’s Ethan we’ll stop short of saying
            She’s always in his dreams.
 Campbell and Nguyen should hook-up for sure
            If they don’t it’ll be a sin
If they married we figure about their tenth anniversary
            Daniel would get his first word in.
Dario Rivas  (Jordan Jones)                                                x
 Rivas has been through Krista, Holly and the 9th grade
            Tonight he’s got Jones on his shelf
But anyone who knows Rivas surely knows
            He’d probably be happiest dating himself.
Think  that’s a stretch, well it’s not
            I think it’s really right
Not sure anyone measures up
            To how great he thinks he is tonight.
He thought himself such a catch
            He wanted a reality show
To let all his women compete
            To see with which he’d go.
But it failed as we all knew it would
            We’ll tell if any cares
The only girls to sign-up were already booked
            On Hillbilly Hand Fishing and Bayou billionaires.
LuCrezia Dorsey   
Speaking of loud, there is LuCrezia
            Who argued with Rike and Campbell
About sharing New York cheesecake with her
            And, I don’t mean to ramble
But it’s obvious why they feared and wouldn’t
            Let Dorsea share with them
With a mouth her size she could inhale once
            And suck the whole cake in.  
Jonathan Gearinger
Jonathan liked Bethany for awhile
            But went too fast for Bethany’s ends
And so she used the time worn line
            “We should just be friends”
In response to that Jonathan did come up
            With an analogy that really fit.
Said that would be like his dog dying
            And his mother telling him he had to keep it.
But, Bethany if I were you                                   
            I wouldn’t think on that, a hint
Because if truth be known I’m not too sure
            That was really a compliment.
Someone restrain Hannah or she just might
            All composure lose
And for thinking of an animal dying
            Begin to beat Gearinger with her leather shoes.
Meghan Hall
Meghan’s here and from all looks
            Searching for a date she did roam
Finally figured her best chance
            Was at an old folk’s home.
We’re sure she’ll achieve wide acclaim
            Has the personality and the look
To be featured on the cover of
            The latest Aggie bad joke book.
She babysits cousins all the time
            And speaks of them as her own
But don’t feel bad, Aleyna dates her little one
            So you’re definitely not alone.
But, I hope I haven’t offended her
            If I have you’ll soon know
She’ll turn to her date and say,
            “I’ve had enough, get your walker and let’s go.”
Whitney Graham
Whitney has a special friend
            Who tumbled into her life
Seems he’s from India and she’s hoping
            Looking for a wife.
She asked for a picture to check him out
            But decided to take it slow
The picture looked like some kid in a hot tub
            Wearing a tiny Speedo.
But things might work out, who can know
            But we can guess some more
Since he’s from India they could get married
            And run a Quick Stop store.
Katherine Gilpin
Katherine’s set her mind on college
            With A&M being her preferred
It’ll be easy to get in and if not
            Hey, there’s always Harvard.
Have you noticed how her attendance
            Has been perfect here of late
Could it be because one more miss
            And back next year will be her fate.
We’re assuming that on this Senior Trip
            Roaming New York streets in open air
They didn’t encounter the naked cowboy
            Or Katherine would still be there.
Carmon Rike
Carmon cut her hair twice this year
            New look got some raves
Twice this year, hey that’s one more time
            Than Brandon even shaves.
Let me see if I have this straight:
Dario’s here with Jordan Jones
But might prefer Nikkole it seems
While Jordan flirts with Andrew Martin
            And she and Pierce still have a thing.
Bethany has a thing for Andrew
            At least when Austin’s not around
Pierce really likes Hannah Olson
Is that enough background.
Well, Moos wishes he was with Cheseboro
            Christina broke Sterling’s heart
Pooh bear gets his dates on X-Box
            I guess that’s at least a start.
Caleb Randolph
Bickers still pines for Harris
            Moos likes only little girls
And, if Randolph kisses his date tonight
            He’ll have to part her baby curls.
Caleb admits to already kissing her
            But one thing proved out of reach.
He tried to French kiss Hannah but her
            Bubble gum got stuck in his teeth.
You senior’s can make Caleb’s night more special
            It’ll be a memorable one
If you stop by and tell him how long its been
            Since you kissed someone that young.
I know its been awhile but try anyway
            Let this hint be your guide
It’s probably the last time you kissed someone
            That you had to move their burp rag  aside.
Bad thing is when you think about it
            And consider age, how it is
That Caleb’s kissed his little girl
            And Andrew still hasn’t his.
But Caleb and Hannah locking lips
            Shouldn’t bother anyone – that said
How many can see the vein
            Standing out in Zac Lueck’s head.
And by the way, Pierce, if you really like Olson
            And she chose Low to be by her side
It’s, of course, up to you
            But, if me, I might consider suicide.
And Bethany if you really fancy Austin
            You should consider, I contend
That just because you’ve changed his diapers
            Doesn’t qualify him as a boyfriend.
Brazos once liked Low ‘tis true
            Now we can all say “Why”
Now she and Zane have parted ways
            He had a roving eye.
It’s not that Zane liked another girl
            As Brazos finally found
It’s that Zane wasn’t very choosy -
            He liked every girl around
Brazos was just Zane’s older woman
            To take his hand and lead around
While Zane scoped out the other girls
            Wherever they were found.
Shoot, if it was female, Zane was interested
            He’d give any girl a whirl.
Even got in a fight with Nguyen
            Over our pet squirrel.
So Brazos went from blonde to brown
            Reasons:  there was only one
After Low and Zane she knew for sure
            Blondes definitely don’t have more fun.       
Then, there’s also the story floating round
            Of Brazos and Low in Nicole’s back seat
Mercy!  If there’s a girl here Brannon hasn’t kissed
            That’s someone I’d like to meet.
I have no explanation for why this has happened
            Sure can’t be his face
Only thing I can figure they must look at him
            As their charity case.
Kime Sims
Kime didn’t have a date
till yesterday it seems
Then when she came to get a ticket
            Lacked his name, whatever that means
She said it was Bo or Moe or something
            And she didn’t know his last name
Now, there’s nothing suspicious about any of this -
            Turned out to be Moe, just the same
Outside of wondering if Curly and Larry
            Are lurking around somewhere
She can probably tell you the dating sight
            She got Moe from, if you care.
‘Course, as late as she got a date for this
            She may have gone too far
She may have flagged him down on 820
            And drug him screaming from his car.
And, Whitney this means you might not
            Have to wait for your Indian guy
Appears you can snatch one off the street
            If you will only try.
Someone go and comfort Hannah
            When we finish and are done
She must be looking at Kime and thinking
            Man, I didn’t know I had that option!
Alyssa Theriot/Julie Stewart
 Ethan says some quite strange things
            Can be embarrassing too
Just be glad he doesn’t know the words
            That Alyssa and Julie do.
We won’t say their language’s rough
            Don’t want to make a fuss
But last week they were out at the naval station
            Making sailors blush.
Just keep them far away from Pierce
            His virgin ears might leap and lurch
He never, ever hears or says
            Words one couldn’t use in church.
One rumor we’re not too sure of
            Around the school still swirls
That Alyssa and Julie might have learned their words
            From the Roberts girls.
But, so far, it’s not been too bad
            If you know whereof we speak
It’s helped a lot for sure because
            Julie’s only here one day a week.
Colton Thompson  (Holly Moore)                                                           
Colton’s here, he asked Moore         
            Got his first kiss from her, if you will
Colton, if you need more practice, get with Brannon
            He’ll kiss anything that stands still.
Holly dated Brannon off and on
            Broke up – how many times - six or seven?
Even had a thing for Rivas
            Tonight, she’s showing you can cross from hell to heaven.
So, she’s here with Colton there
            She got over Brannon fast
But we can be happy now for her
            What a step up in class!    
Getting over Brannon’s sure a plus
            Might be compared to……..let’s see eh
Well, many have said it feels a bit like getting over…….
            Explosive diarrhea.
It wouldn’t be a senior time
          Without some other news
So let’s look at a few more folks
          In our “Most Likely To’s”


Most Likely to…………..
…still be trying to pass the first paragraph of the civil war speech on graduation night – Brandon
…miss the Rapture because he has to stay in Summer School  making up days he missed during school - Jonathan Gearinger
… likely to have  her lips glued together for eternity because God’s ears need a rest – Lucresa Dorsey
…most likely to have included “Build a Bear” in fun places to take a date – Aleyna Penny
…most likely to be sent to hell for even thinking about wearing a Speedo – Brannon Low
…most likely to marry a man then hack him to death and eat his flesh -  Lucresa Dorsey
…most likely to, when he approaches the pearly gates, stop and ask, “Does it cost anything to get in? – Scott Haley
…have a child’s safety seat in his limo – Caleb Randolph
…become a mercenary pilot and bomb Ft. Worth by mistake – Ethan Esgro
…to join the air force so she can stalk Garrett Benner – Hannah Olson
…to jump into the arms of the first kid who walks by dressed in a super hero uniform – Desi Vaile
…Be Salutatorian but never win an art competition since the best entry she can think of is a shoe tree – Carmon Rike
…Still be wondering around lost here in Ranger stadium when the season starts – Michelle
…be the only person ever sent to prison for pretending to be a helicopter – Ethan Esgro the first person to propose to his girlfriend on Twitter – Matt Bickers
be kicked out of heaven and sent to hell and hear God say, “I don’t care if she is saved
                 We’ve had peace and quiet here for billions of years and we’re not going to ruin
                 It – Jennifer Campbell
to end up a spooky old maid living with a houseful of cats – Hannah Olson
… to be buried in her back yard and no one ever know what happened to him – Brannon Low
end up on “Dancing with the Stars” – sweeping the dance floor – Alexa Hubenak
…most likely to not make it home tonight alive if he touches his date – Caleb Randolph



Let’s leave these for awhile
            And move on to something new
Perhaps some Wind up Dolls can help
            So let’s look at a few.
Wind up Dolls


Brandon Miller…looks carefully at the other dolls to check out their physique – and then asks:
            “How do I tell the difference between the boys and the girls?”
Katherine Gilpin…gets a full ride scholarship offer from A&M -  Upper NE Maine A&M.
LuCresia Dorsey… naw….you don’t ever have to wind it up, it never runs down
Zane Sanders….chases all the girl dolls, but only catches those whose batteries have run way,
Way down.
Brazos Roberts………says it keeps running from Zane but it seems to be running backward.
Hannah Olson…..goes to McDonalds and, while eating a big mac, yells at someone for destroying life by stepping on a cockroach.
Dezi Vaile… goes to the edge of a building, sees a 6 year old walking by in a Batman uniform
            And jumps off yelling, “Save me, save me, my hero!”



And finally if Jeff Foxworthy doesn’t mind
            And it won’t cause a rift
We’ll take a look at school by saying
            You might be a Temple Student if….


You might Be a Temple Student if…
…your high school principal keeps being mistaken for a Leprechaun…and he does sit on
                    A pot a lot, but not a golden one.
…your football team is still trying to figure out how the deaf team heard the snap count.
…the church decided to pave over every exposed blade of grass and you notice a lump under the concrete between the gym and 700 building and you’re pretty sure a student is
… the cheer squad is larger than the football team but the football team is prettier.
…the senior boys are so aggressive the only way the girls can get rid of them is by
                Leaving school.
…the valedictorian began bragging about it in kindergarten.
…your senior trip singlehandedly caused Speedo sales to drop 50%
…the cheerleaders post worse things on Facebook than the football players.
… the word “helicopter” will never again bring to mind one of those flying machines
                    That pass overhead.
…there are more picnic tables on your campus than there are students or picnics
…World War II class enrollment is shooting up since your instructors showed a sex scene.
…if on senior trip the boys had a lot more interesting things happen in their rooms than the girls did.
…if by second grade little boys learn to hide when they see a high school girl coming down the hall completed the LSD course and aren't too sure you'll ever use any of the three.

Well, I guess that’s if for foolishness
         And hope you’ve laughed a bit
To end may we be serious
         At least as we can get.
We like to end each year with a thought
           That comes shrouded with our love
And hope it can bring to you this night
           Blessings from above
The year is now almost done
            Time for memories running out.
 Seniors set with hope and fear
            Confidence and doubt.


Knowing the first of life’s great chapters
            Is drawing to a close
Wondering what God has in store
            What challenges life will pose.
A clinging child still living there
            As adulthood pushes in.
Has the best already past
            Or has it not yet been?


Would that one could answer that
            But the answer is not known
It will be written by each one’s life
            Chiseled into stone
As you go forth, all we can send
            Are prayers and love with each
Knowing success and happiness
            Are within each one’s reach
In our hands no longer dwells -
            Be it real or just facades -
The time to mold, for it has passed-
            Now - only yours and God’s
The end is as it’s always been
            Drifting on the air
But know the joy of life is not in the end
            But in the journey getting there.
And know that as you pick your path,
            Though different from some,
At journey’s end success or not
            Will be judged by only One.
May you choose a path with hills and draws
            Unknowns round every bend.
May you find joy with others in every step
            And find God - waiting at the end.
As mentioned,  hopefully you’ve all had a laugh
And now we’re done at last
Since this will be my final poem
            It’s great to be this class.
Each of you help bring to mind
By many different means
Just why I chose to long ago
Give my life to teens.
You seniors are a great class with lots of life
And God has great things in store
If you’ll just stay true to Him
And each day love Him more.
And so I’ll say a goodbye now
To each of you I see
And ask that in years to come
You’ll, at times, remember me.


Rest assured in times ahead
            Be they many years or few
I will in so many different ways
            Always remember you.
And know as you leave our school
To keep your eyes on things above
And, most of all, never doubt
That each of you is loved       

        Seniors, we love you and will be praying for you and we will miss you. I share with you the realization the time is here to move on.